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п»ї<h1> How to organize your wardrobe - Ideas to save time - www.trekmovers.com </h1>
<p> I'm not a good person. Seriously, you should see the dresser in my bathroom: it's a sea of ​​abandoned beauty products, brushes and disposable handbags that I hastily put aside. In general, I am too busy to store things when I finish, to the chagrin of my husband. </p> <p> But for what I lack in general cleaning, more than compensate in organizational skills. My clothes closet is impeccably organized at all times. All my room could look like it had gone through a tornado, but my closet is the calm eye within the storm. </p> <h2> How to organize your closet </h2> <p> Why I pay so much attention to the state of my closet? Because I have a perpetually short time and I want to make the most of every piece I have. </p> <p> How often have you bought something, have you used it a couple of times and put it in your closet, just to forget about it? the? It never happens to me: I rotate my outfits as some do their food storage. Who knows, it is possible that you can buy your own closet when you realize what you have at hand. It's worth an organizational evening if it means you can save a little money if you do not buy a dress or a pair of shoes that you do not really need. </p> <p> Organize your wardrobe according to the type of clothing: </p> <h3> Pants </h3> <p> I have two ways to organize pants. First of all, casual jeans, skinnies, colored denim and corduroy pants are folded and placed in cubicles. I like to do this because they are at the front and the center, where I can easily access them. I also like that I can clearly see the wash color when I choose my jeans in the morning. When it comes to getting the proper look with denim, washing is everything. </p> <p> My dress and work pants are hung with clip hangers that you can jot down for free at clothing stores: just ask to save the hangers when you buy new pants. That way, I'm not fighting for an iron when I'm late for a work meeting. </p> <h3> Dresses </h3> <p> The dresses are easy to wear during the mornings crossed by time. That's why I keep them close to the front of the closet for easy access. I think that cotton and pullover dresses are less likely to wrinkle, so my long maxi dresses and skirts are folded over the bottom of a hanger. This folds my space in the closet and allows me to see more things. </p> <p> </p> <h3> Tops </h3> <p> I recommend organizing the covers for the length of the sleeve. I dress for the weather, so I accelerate my time in the morning to know exactly where I can find all my jackets or tank tops. It also helps me create new sets. I can grab a tank from the side of the closet and a groom cardigan from the other side, creating an instant outfit. Casual shirts are folded into a commode, but all the tops that are appropriate for the job are hung to avoid the need to iron. </p> <h3> Shoes </h3> <p> Shoes are organized better when you can see both the front and the back of each pair. This way, you can grab the correct pair with the correct height of the heel, which is very important if you are going to wear a pair of shoes all day long. I also organize the shoes by color, so when I'm looking for the right pair, I know exactly where you can find them. </p> <h2> Remember to turn your clothes </h2> <p> When I was a teenager, my first job was like A girl from stock in a grocery store. One of the first things I learned was to rotate the food so that the older cans were in front and more likely to be bought before the new things in the back. </p> <p> I have suppressed the memories of having received Screams from the product manager, but I kept the idea that you have to rotate your closet like you would with canned foods. The items hidden in the back of the closet will remain in the back of the cabinet, completely forgotten. When I wash my clothes, I always make a space in the back of the closet to hang washed clothes. That pushes the oldest things to the front, where you are most likely to see them, grab them and discover new sets. </p> <h2> Final word </h2> <p> It could be a bit obsessive when it comes to the closet organization, but it makes a big difference in the time I spend in front of my clothes, asking me what to wear. When I have little time and I feel less creative, my closet pushes me to try something new on the fly. If only my makeup bag could be so inspiring. </p> <p> Does your wardrobe keep organized? What are your best tips? </p> <p> </p>

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